Show Your Love for Him: It Must Start Somewhere

Just a few thoughts crossed my mind for today.

Perhaps just a few words.

How best to express your love for Him? Is it virtue? Patience? Humility? The world would show us there are more important things.

The day passes by. The night evades our attention. But the good works one can do will tip the scale once the final day comes. Not because good works are the key, but through our Christian faith we would not want to do other than good.

Sacrifice a time to spread His love. Giving up certainty toward health and happiness through money and success is possible. Help others in need through what resources you have. Perhaps then they can share their ability and love in Christ. And both will grow in connection to the Creator.

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas

God is Able Review by Peter Silas

God is Able Review

God is Able Review by Peter Silas

God is Able by Priscilla Shirer: Review by Peter Silas

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God is Able
by Priscilla Shirer explains exactly why the author is on the New York Times Best-Selling List. Looking for a taste of the inspiration that the Holy Spirit has to offer? Look no further.

She captures your attention from the beginning. Speaking directly to you, and to everyone like you. Those who have struggled to keep the power of God in the forefront of their minds. How creative this is, and it is only the beginning of the book. Wait until you hear of the miracles that continue in modern times!

God is Able ReviewThrough her voice, Priscilla Shirer guides you back into the realms of possibility that you perhaps once knew; the realms that we know are only possible through the great power of our Almighty Savior and the Holy Trinity. I abstracted one theme. This theme was successfully molded via Scripture, experience, story and hope and thus translated into one message for her audience: there is always hope where God is, and God is everywhere.

There are many eBooks out there that are based on inspirational quotes, stories of miracles and hope for the future. But few are written so that you can feel the experience through the author and his or her eyes. Get this book now and find out exactly how happy I was to read this. God speaks through all of us. We are His vessels for spreading the Word, and it is up to us to listen to one who has a few words to share.

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas

Whispers of Hope: Each Day is an Answer

whispers of hope

Review of Whispers of Hope

Whispers of Hope: 10 Weeks of Devotional Prayer by Beth Moore

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Whispers of Hope by Beth Moore led me to one conclusion: each day is an answer. And, in 70 days, you will have mastered her personalized algorithm of praying to Him if you can commit just a half an hour each time.

Using her P.R.A.I.S.E. format, Beth Moore successfully portrays a tangible method of reaching your prayer goals that perhaps you have found difficult to meet, whether because you could not find the time, method or simply felt disconnected. Through excitement and direction, you will be guided through praise, repentance, acknowledgement, intercession, supplication, and equipping. It matters not your denomination: I found this to be indisputably filled with the love of Christ.

whispers of hopeThe introduction just takes minutes to read through, and you are well on your way to starting day number one. Each day gives you a unique Scripture reading followed by relevant thoughts for the day. Then, you have a creative space to jot down what comes to mind and reflect through Beth Moore’s powerful format.

In these times we find ourselves in, prayer is our best friend. It guides us when we are lost. It re-centers us when we feel to be on the brink of defeat. The secular world makes it challenging to focus on Him during silence and we may find thoughts racing through our minds, but works such as Whispers of Hope by Beth Moore is exactly what we need to know that Christ is reachable within a few minutes of our time.

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas

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Drew’s Dancing Drum Review: A Simple Message in Christ

Drew’s Dancing Drum Review: A Simple Message in Christ

Bringing to our Children the Meaning of Faith

Drew's Dancing DrumThrough terms one can understand, I am always searching for analogies that represent how one can live in the world, but not of the world. Learning how to use the tools given to us, as adults, in order to assimilate our mission with His will can be challenging to say the least. Sometimes it is through a simple message – through a means more familiar – that we can find just the right concept.

And it is through Drew’s Dancing Drum that not only adults, but children especially, can experience a strong yet simple message and find comfort in our omnipotent and merciful God. An app for iPad and iPhone, Justine Danielle Del Monte and Brandon Chappell bring a fun and engaging story to your home. In 12 slides, a lasting impression is sure to be made on your little one – in addition to yourself. Follow the story of a boy who has so much fun and joy with the toys he is afforded, but yet learns that it will take much more than materials to reveal light when times become dark.

Simple themes, music, fun and even animals: good things of this world are everywhere, butDrew's Dancing Drum nothing can fully bring us happiness but Him, and so this app illustrates (literally!) that one should not take for granted His love and gifts to us. In addition, it displays forgiveness, honoring and trusting your parents, and the presence and importance of family. What better way is there to send these strong messages to our Children, who are the future and the true blind followers of our Lord? The use of engaging apps that take advantage of the modern technology comes full circle with the simple download of a free app to your iPad or iPhone.

It is only with God that anything is possible, and Drew’s Dancing Drum will give your young child a clear picture of how the love that Christ fills us with can impact one in the most basic of ways. It will remind you, also, that there is no need to look too hard for Salvation. The answer could be as rudimentary as a boy’s dancing drum.

A few points on the technology: great graphics, age-appropriate wording and fun music. I loved the functionality of clicking on the puzzle piece to go back to a specific slide. Also, I’ll reveal a hint: click on the title at the beginning for fun acoustics. And finally, at the end, discover a quote from Psalms. I won’t spoil everything, so you must download Drew’s Dancing Drum to discover the final message the author is trying to convey!



View the developer’s web site, Charter Road Productions Inc.

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