Realms of Glory Christian App Review

Realms of Glory Christian App Review

Taking the Fiction Out of Christian Sci-Fi

Realms of Glory iPad AppHow good it feels to embrace God’s gift of the universe, exploring even just the very tip of infinity and beyond! That was one of the many immediate thoughts that came to mind after having the privilege of being one of the first to review Realms of Glory, the newest example of a Christian gaming and educational application available for your iPad. If you are into science from a creationist standpoint, then I’m not going to be the only one thrilled at what Digital Worship, LLC has put together for its audience!

The first thing I must describe is perspective. Filled with facts, fun, imagery and inspirational verses, I was immediately reminded of how great the Lord our God is. Even the littlest detail does not miss the chance to relate His magnificent creation – immeasurable, inconceivable, immutable and ineffable; His glory is shown as a bright comet, a massive planet and as galaxies far, far away. The fun and engaging facts were only the beginning. The real truth was realized when I engaged with the cryptogram, “Decode the Universe,” which was nothing less than representative of the complexities of matter that He has blessed us to have discovered.

Audience and Spin

I for one cannot consider myself well educated on the solar system, so I also had the benefit of being taught many science lessons by the The Realms of Glory app. It certainly put to test everything I had learned in schooling, but this time I was educated on the universe, beyond Earth, in a whole new way: from the perspective of God. That is why I could picture this app in Great Universethe hands of any child – of any age – who is most likely learning about science from only one point of view. How emboldened would I have been to have been reassured that the magnificence in the skies isn’t supposed to be understood any more than He would have it; that the beauty and splendid awesomeness is an obvious reflection of Him and not some per chance spark that expanded into an unfathomable space.

Wow, how inspiring! And God has used technology in yet another grand way, inspiring Realms of Glory and its creators to reveal His seven day work.

Technological and End-User Aspects

From an end-user standpoint, this certainly has a bit of everything. Although it was challenging at first to figure out the rules of the word puzzles, it was well worth the time. I couldn’t put it down! In fact, I thought I’d never get to this review…

The sound effects were appropriate, and not overwhelming. The navigation was straight forward, and there was an abundance of fact finding and inspirational journeying beyond the main game of this app. From the home screen, take a journey in space and see the seven days revealed; easily tap the home button or back buttons from wherever you are to skip Explore the Realmsaround to different educational puzzles. Play various difficulties on the word riddles – and don’t be alarmed when you are soon running out of chances to choose the right letters to solve the Christian phrase! You’ll get a friendly, yet ominous sounding sci-fi “X” (not sure how to sound it out – you’ve got to hear it for yourself!) And, if you have what it takes to order the planets by size, take a guess at which planet has the strongest gravity, or ascertain which has the longest day, then download this iPad app now!

As a whole, it was easy to install, there were no bugs, every button worked seamlessly and better yet it is ad free. Share it with your friends, and learn to your heart’s content, because you’ll find new meaning with God that is literally out of this world.

Awesome Realms of GloryOh, and I always have to leave a little hint of what you should be expecting: I’m still working on unlocking the comet shower.

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas

Download here or view in my iTunes App Store: Realms of Glory

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