The Tears of Nero Review

The Tears of Nero Review – The Halo Group Book 1

“A Diamond in the Rough” – a Review by Peter Silas.

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The Tears of Nero by Jason Brannon is an epic length novel that will take you into the depths of spiritual hardship and rise you up into the light of everlasting peace. “Saw” meets “C.S. Lewis” meets “Gilligan’s Island” – this book takes a suspenseful, twisting edge and merges it into a world of originality, humor and the invisible. It’s a combination of nothing you’ve read before.

And yet, with all the good stuff that makes you want to keep reading, Jason Brannon also effortlessly centers his writing around free will and prayer; forgiveness and compassion. You’ll keep His overarching plan in mind throughout.

The Tears of Nero Review “There was a purpose to all I’ve gone through. There was a purpose to all you went through too. You just can’t see it yet.” This, along with other powerful statements written by Jason and additionally quotes from the Bible, sums quite a bit of our struggle up but puts us back into a mode where we know we need to be at but often forget: God has a plan, and bad things that can happen not only bring us closer and make us stronger, but also may very well be “a diamond in the rough.” His characters continually are reminded of their misfortune, and often of their misdeeds, throughout the book, but no matter how desolate and hopeless a character feels he or she is always brought back to God’s plan and always can see a light at the end of the tunnel to keep going.

The story itself is well written, carefully constructed and is a true page turner. The clearly established voice of the author in only his second book is highly descriptive, and uses playful and comedic ways to help you get to know the characters. I was kept curious with each twist of the plot and was satisfied to learn a bit about the age old question of why do bad things happen to good people.

This book is a hit already on Amazon and I can’t think of a better trending eBook to read. If you’re looking for any of what I just described in a book, then download The Tears of Nero by Jason Brannon. It’s the best eBook I’ve read in a while – and there’s more of it to come…

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas