The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things Review

The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things Review

“Spiritual Depth Throughout” – a Review by Peter Silas.

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The Heart is Deceitful Above all Things by J.A. Miller is a Christian Fiction work that will make you keep wondering and hoping for what comes next. Set in the past, on an island and of a people that actually do exist, it presents a very common battle that we all struggle with: a fight between what we want, what God wants for us, and what we think God wants for us. Given that one opportunity where a prayer may have been answered and you felt a decision needed to be rendered, what would you do? Would you truly be ready to answer His call?

That’s exactly what Ella is faced with. And it has the possibility of affecting those around her.
The Heart is Deceitful Review“In other words, a willingness to accept what God has given you at the moment, rather than setting your heart on what you have not yet received or what you have already lost.”

With each character that J.A. Miller brings to life, there is a bit of all of us to be found. There is just enough to reach into our own souls and hearts and experience the joys and fears that wax and wane throughout the plot. And yet, we don’t forget that God is right with us the whole time. With distinct voices and thoughts, there is always a level of intrigue and wonder that sparks religious and moral curiosity. We can all relate to a group of people who have mostly given up, become disjointed or simply sarcastic and vindictive. But among the darkness surrounding, more often than not God, the answer, is right in front of us and we must have faith to see it.

Throughout this book, I often questioned whether the devil was just tempting us. Should I be satisfied with what God has given me? Should I be careful what I wish for? Action, emotion and creative plot kept me guessing.

But this you will come to know: sometimes we must lose everything to be filled up with everything we want to hear from and have of Him. Furthermore, sometimes it is entirely obvious after the fact.

I highly recommend this book to those looking for an entertaining read, or even to be filled up again with and reminded of the basic tenets of faith.

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas

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