The Maze – The Lost Labyrinth Review

The Maze – The Lost Labyrinth Review

“Hope Through Prayer” – a Review by Peter Silas.

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The Maze – The Lost Labyrinth by Jason Brannon is a work to be read by all who struggle in weakness and temptation, constantly seeking thereafter for the silver lining of hope that seemingly exists just beyond our reach. We see through reading this that none of us are alone in that we all weave a complex web of sin and disaster without a bit of realization before we are relentlessly climbing out of the deep hole of ignorance – and thus are left to deal with the harrowing entrapment that ensues.

But through embracing the most fundamental elements of sin from the point of view of an

The Maze Reviewaudience member, we overcome weakness and temptation through embracing our Lord who is most forgiving in His plan; prayer and humility is given to us in His blessings unto humanity and there is no doubt the Sacrifice is alive and well for us to escape the trials and tribulations that we are chained to.

This novel is filled with outstanding metaphors, analogies and descriptive narrative that combines dialogue in unique fashion to inspire emotion. “He took to the air and swooped down to perch on the roof of Adam’s ribs.” Be open to this emotion and you will surely be grounded in what you may have forgotten is most important in your journey toward Him.

My favorite topic is in fact spiritual warfare, and the author here hits the nail on the head by linking visible happenings with the invisible forces – of which are both just and vile – to everyday, seemingly trivial events.

It is time to turn to prayer, my friends. “The Piper’s” ready to play you a tune; to what emotions it should inspire you shall surely discover.

Love in Christ,
Peter Silas

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