Upcoming News for Peter Silas .com

Upcoming News for Peter Silas .com

Hi all, I just wanted to share some exciting news about what I anticipate the direction this blog site will take. Please share any comments about what you think, or if you have suggestions about how I can enhance these plans or look into some other potential ways to deliver content to you, my audience. I am a firm believer that we, in many ways, act as one body through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. I think this will be really exciting to share an experience and turn this into something special.

#1: Contributors. I’d like to open this blog up to additional users, who can add blog posts of their own. I write with a context that leans toward Orthodoxy, but perhaps there are others representing other Christian organizations who could contribute similar content from another perspective. When you read the second book of the Parables of the 24th Elder Trilogy, you may see where I am going with this… but of course, that doesn’t come out until – dare I make a commitment – Spring of 2014.

#2: A Kindle Promotion Page. I’m an Amazon Affiliate, and I’d like to not only increase the Christian message via blogging, but promote other existing work through exposing the exciting technology we have in being able to download books in a matter of seconds. A page would be set up so that one could submit their Kindle e-book (would want to limit to some type of Christian topic), whether free or a bargain, or for a very small fee have a prime spot to advertise. Not only would authors benefit from the advertising, but the audience would pick up some good reads that they may not have otherwise heard about.

#3: Ask the Author (me, Peter Silas). I would like to open the floor up for questions pertaining to writing and the publishing experience. I’ve made it a point to take the longest and most frustrating route toward self-publishing, and am hoping that I can share advice or give tips, even if at a basic level. Even inspiring or helping one person would be great.

The goal of these ideas is to enhance the audience size, promote Christianity and make this a site that could be maintained on a daily basis. I’ll need your support, so please, get the word out about this site. I’d like to be able to deliver content from everything to do with the various liturgical seasons, youth outreach, Christian missions and related current events. Which means that I would need to make myself more available.

I hope to bring you the final post to Reaching Youth through Modern Venues – Part 1: A Paradox or History Repeating? this Saturday AM. Also, a surprise post next week about a really cool Mission in Africa. Like, share, post…

Until next time,
Peter Silas

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